Thursday, 27 December 2012

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If you follow me on twitter, you'll know already that I've been working on finishing a first draft, which is why I haven't posted here in a while. This was the book I started as part of Nanowrimo. I'm glad to say that the draft is finished, compiled and ready for editing. I'm just waiting for fresh eyes to look over it. I wish there was a special wash I could use, or some glasses that might help, but it's only time and distance that do the trick.

Meanwhile, I'm planning a new book, and thinking about an old idea that's been sitting in my bottom drawer for a while. No rest and all that...

I'm also reading and making notes for the first essay on the course about English Literature that I've begun. To this end, I've finally got to Lionel Asbo, the latest novel by Martin Amis. Sadly, it is everything I expected it to be. Christopher Priest sums it up brilliantly and there's little I could add except that I've decided the focus for my essay will be the importance of authenticity in fiction about the working (or non-working) classes.

Just to prove I'm truly wicked, I've signed up for 100k in 100 days, which starts when the new year does.

I even did a bit of editing on Christmas day. It's like I can't help myself. But truly, I think this level of obsession is important. Vital even. You don't just have to want to be a writer, you have to need to be.

See you in 2013, people. I thought we'd all be wearing angular silver suits by now, and eating pills instead of meals, but there you go.

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